Thursday, August 9, 2007


Hello All!
I am creating this blog as more or less a bit of fun. I want people from the photography community to be able to come here and try their hand at editing photos. Not only is it a chance to strut your skills using various editing programs it will also be a chance for the not so seasoned editors to learn some new skills. I just may fall into the later category myself. While I do have a few tricks up my sleeve I am far from perfect at creating effects.
My plan currently is to issue a challenge which would start with a photograph that I will provide from my collection and end with a certain effect as the desired outcome for the finished product. I would ultimately like to be able to issue weekly challenges to this effect.
Since I am just starting this idea and I know it will take a while before I can get the ball rolling on this I may have to allow longer than a week at the beginning until I can generate enough interest. Of course if you are interested you can always help spread the word for me.