Friday, August 24, 2007

Site Description

Hello Again
There will be two post here tonight. The first is an overview of how I want to operate the site and the second will be the first photo challenge.
O.K here it goes, I have noticed that a few people have found the site already and that's great. I hope you have bookmarked it. I am planning on posting a picture here that you can download by simply right clicking the photo and clicking save as from the pull down menu. Once you have the photo you can open it into your preferred program for editing. Once you have accomplished the effect as outlined in the challenge provided you can send your finished work back to me. I have created an e-mail address that you can send your work to. It is After I review the submissions I will choose the what I feel to be the best edited photo and post it in the blog for everyone to see along with a link to the editors portfolio on some of the stock sites if they would like that.
I would like to be able to do this on a weekly but I realize it may take a while to generate interest. So at first I may have to let the challenges go longer than a week. If you like the idea of this site then you could always help me spread the word. Also for anyone who enters a submission on the first challenge I will post links to their portfolio on one of the stock sites if you like.
Also I want this site to enable people to be able to learn some skills in photo editing therefore the winner of the challenge will have the opportunity to share step by step how they created the effect. Anyways I geuss I will stop rambling and get on with the first challenge, I can always answer any questions and I am open to any comments or suggestions just forward them to the same e-mail above.
Thanks and Enjoy